High Lonesome (1950)

Director: Alan Le May
Writer: Alan Le May
Producer: George Templeton
Cinematographer: W. Howard Greene
Sound: Harold Lewis, Walter Oberst
Editor: Jack Ogilvie
Assistant Director: James Paisley, Harry Templeton
Art Direction: John B. Goodman
Music: Rudy Schrager
Costme Design: Byron Munson (Wardrobe)
Stunts: Frank Cordell (Stunt Coordinator), Clem Fuller

Production Company: Le May-Templeton Pictures
John Drew Barrymore - Cooncat (Credited as John Barrymore Jr.)
Chill Wills - Boatwhistle - Ranch Cook
John Archer - Pat Farrell
Lois Butler - Meagan Davis
Kristine Miller - Abby Davis
Basil Ruysdael - 'Horse' Davis - Ranch Owner
Jack Elam - Smiling Man
Dave Kashner - Roper
Frank Cordell - Frank
Clem Fuller - Dixie
Hugh Aiken - Art Simms
Howard Joslin - Jim Shell


A young drifter, who is new to the area, is the prime suspect when a sudden spurt of murders occurs in Texas Big Bend country. 


John Drew Barrymore shows that the Barrymore talent has been passed down from his father in this dramatic performance. He was only 17 or 18 when filming began and showed a great sense of maturity in the role of the young drifter whilst also maintaining the drifter's struggles of making sense of the world. A very good film to watch for action and some suspense and at less than 90 minutes it doesn't drag at any point. Although there is love interest, which seemed to be in every film of this era, it doesn't get in the way too much of what we want to see; the tense action of a young man trying to convey his innocence to disbelieving cattle ranchers.

Additional Interesting Information

John Drew Barrymore is the father of Drew Barrymore and the son of screen legends John Barrymore and Dolores Costello. Barrymore's portrayal of a trouble young man rather reflects his own life with the drug and alcohol abuse replacing the horse thievery.
Chill Wills was not only an actor, but he was also a singer and a songwriter. He co-wrote and sang the song that was featured in this film, '20 Miles from Carson', with the director Alan Le May. He is also famous for having been in Laurel and Hardy's feature Western, 'Way Out West' in 1937 as one of The Avalon Boys and provided the voice for 'Francis the Talking Mule' in the film series starring Donald O'Connor.

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